Will I need braces again? (Photo)

I had braces for two years, I had my braces removed three years ago. I lost my retainer a month after getting my braces removed no just recently found them , they will not fit on my teeth anymore and I was wondering will I need braces again , or can I get a new retainer made and will it move my teeth back to the way they were before?

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Retainer Wear

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Hi Oculus1081,

It appears that you've had some relapse.  Without wearing a retainer on a regular basis, there are never assurances that your teeth will remain in place.  Based on your photo, it appears that you may be able to realign your teeth with a retainer being worn on a FULL time basis for a period of time.  You will likely require a new retainer to accomplish this.  

Keep in mind, though, that moving forward you will need to continue wearing a retainer on a more regular basis once the teeth are back in place to ensure that your teeth don't move again!

Best of luck!

Manhattan Orthodontist

Treatment Options for Orthodontic Relapse

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If very little shifting has occurred and only minor tooth movement is needed to align your teeth, then an active retainer could be an option.  If however the relapse is more severe, then consider Retreatment with Invisalign Express or Braces. 

Maya V. Oliver, DDS
Washington Orthodontist
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