Which breast implant brand is more trusted by surgeons for a breast augmentation ?

I went in for a consult for BA and the surgeon said that Mentor was the best brand because they are made in the USA, unlike Sientra, Natrelle and Allergan. Is this true? Is it true that Mentor are the safest ones in the market? I am very confused because I went to a second consult and the surgeon said that Sientra is the best implant for a breast augmentation. FYI- this will be my first BA procedure

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Which Implants are Best?

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There are three companies approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to sell implants in the U.S. These are Mentor, Allergan, and Sientra. All three companies are excellent, and their products have been subjected to rigorous testing. There are minor differences that may make one brand preferable for some surgeons, such as customer service, but the implants themselves are all of good quality. Choose a good plastic surgeon whom you trust and allow him or her to select the implant brand. Good luck!

No best implant company

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as they all  manufacture reliable products and most surgeons choose a product based on customer service.  After all, when things go bad, you want your implant company to have your back.  There really is not BEST... all are very good and implant companies have different products for different situations.  I use Mentor for very wide chests and often let my patients choose from my preferences.

Which breast implant brand is more trusted by surgeons for a breast augmentation ?

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   Go with the best surgeon for you not the best marketing or salesmanship.  The implant companies make similar products.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Which breast implant brand is more trusted by surgeons

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Having used all the various implants for many years, I have never felt that one company's implant was more reliable than another, although specific surgeons will have a favorite for any number of reasons.


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In order to sell implants in the United States all of the implant manufacturers went through a vigorous approval process with the FDA.  All the companies will promote their implants as being the best but realistically they are all very similar.  I personally use Mentor or Sientra implants because I pay less for them then for Allergan implants and find it easier to deall with those companies then Allergan

Dr. Corbin

Gummy Bear

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I find that the "best" implant is a round smooth moderate profile silicone gel implant. This is probably the most widely used style of implant used in the US. All three Companies make reliable implants but now I prefer the Sientra highly cohesive gel implants also known as gummy bears. 

Which breast implant brand is safest and best

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As others have stated all 3 brands are FDA approved an excellent breast implants.  Honestly the choice of implant depends on surgeon preference but in my opinion all 3 manufacturer's produce an excellent, safe, FDA approved product and should give you an equal result.

The most important thing is the skill and experience of your plastic surgeon which is much more important than choice of implant.

Which breast implant brand is more trusted by surgeons for a breast augmentation ?

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Thank you for the question.
All 3 FDA approved breast implant manufacturers are reputable and provide us with  excellent products (with similar characteristics and warranties).   Much more important than the manufacturer of breast implants will be careful selection of your plastic surgeon. Ask to see lots of examples of their work and communicate your goals carefully.   Best wishes.

Which Breast Implant Brand is the "Most Trusted?"

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  • Mentor, Allergan, and  Sientra are all FDA approved for breast augmentation, and there is no one breast implant that is truly "better than" or "most trusted" by plastic surgeons.  
  • Therefore, based upon brand of implant alone, you should know that regardless of which brand of implant is used for your breast augmentation, you can be assured that all three mentioned above are excellent!
  • Do realize that there are different shapes and sizes of implants made by each company.  Additionally, each company has "gummy bear" or form stable shaped implants as well which are not round, but more tear drop shaped.  
  • Depending on a patient's anatomy, her desires, and the plastic surgeon's experience and preference, one particular implant might be more appropriate than another. 
  • By the way, only board certified plastic surgeons may use Sientra implants, because this particular company will not allow cosmetic surgeons or others to use these implants.  That does make Sientra implants somewhat unique...but not necessarily "better" than the rest. 
  • Best of luck to you!

Best implant company

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what implant is better depends on what issues are important for the patient. There are differences between companies as to how the silicone feels depending on cohesiveness in 'regular' implants. There are also differences in sizes available and shapes when considering a form stable silicone implant. There are significant differences between the companies in terms of how 'adherent' their texturing works on their implants.The differences between saline implants between companies is almost insignificant. Having said that, it is one of surgeon preference. All of the implants on the market have been deemed safe and appropriate for use by the FDA, and your surgeon should/ could explain to you why they have chosen one implant over another during your consultation.

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