If I start losing weight after Breast Augmentation will it mess up the outcome of my breasts? (photo)

I weight 162lbs, 5'6 and want to lose atleast 20lbs. I had 500cc saline moderate plus profile under muscle right breast and 575cc left breast. I wear a size 9-10 in jeans medium frame I guess and also i'm not sure if the boobs i chose are right for my body type to even be noticed or proportionate to the rest of my body. Considering tummy tuck after weight loss. I was 249lbs in 2010.

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Breast implants and weight loss

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Thank you for your breast implant question.
  • Your surgery was 1 week ago - so you can overlook previous comments about high riding implants. Under the muscle implants always ride high a week after surgery.
  • Weight loss - some women lose weight in their breasts, some don't
  • However most patients I see who lose weight feel the implants look proportionally larger because they are overall smaller. 
  • With 500 cc implants at 5.6, these are large implants. I would not expect you to look too small if you lose weight.
  • Keep up the weight loss - it's excellent for your health. Well done!

Weight loss after breast augmentation will probably have little effect on the outcome.

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Most women who store fat in their breast not come for breast augmentation. A modest amount of weight loss will probably have no effect on the outcome of a breast augmentation.

Will a 20lb weight loss affect the shape of my breasts?

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Thank you very much for your enquiry and photograph. I don’t think losing 20lb in weight will significantly alter the shape and size of your bust as you are slim and I suspect not carrying too much weight on your bust.

From your pictures I would guess you have had your implants placed under the muscle and your implants are lying in a slightly high position.

This means that your nipples are not centred of the middle of the implants which gives you a slightly full appearance in the upper part of the bust and slightly low nipple position.

It may be worth considering if this is the look you like or whether you would like a slightly more natural shape with the implants being placed slightly lower.

In either case it may be suitable to discuss this with your plastic surgeon to ensure that you get the best result for you.

I wish you the best of luck and hope that you achieve the result you wish for and your weight loss goes well.

Best wishes.

If I start losing weight after Breast Augmentation will it mess up the outcome of my breasts?

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Most likely will make the implant results appear larger.. Please follow up with photos after losing the weight... 

Implants and weight loss

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If you did not have large breasts before, then you probably did not have much fat in your breasts and may not see a big difference. Hard to say for sure without an exam.

Weight loss after a breast augmentation

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More than likely a 20 pound weight change will not have much effect on the size of your breasts.  Your choice of implant sounds about right for your height and weight.

Will my breast aug change with weight loss?

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With significant weight loss, such as after weight loss surgery, your breasts could definitely change and become more droopy but in your case, 20lbs will not change your breasts. That weight will be lost from elsewhere - particularly your tummy - which is why a tummy tuck may be appropriate as you suggested. Click on the Web Reference Link below to check pricing from a board certified plastic surgeon near you.

Breast appearance following weight loss

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Implants don't change with weight gain/loss.  Only breast tissue changes.  Some people can lose 4-5 pounds and all of it is in their breasts.  Others can lose 20-30 pounds and none of it is in their breasts.  You know your body better than anyone so you know best how it responds to weight gain/loss.  That said, based on your picture, I don't think the loss of 20 pounds will affect your look very much.  Still, again based on your picture, your implants appear to be situated too high on your chest.  There appears to be too much fullness in the upper portion of your breast resulting in your nipples pointing downwards.  If this is still present when you have your tummy tuck, you might want to address that as well.

If I start losing weight after Breast Augmentation will it mess up the outcome of my breasts?

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Losing 20 pounds after surgery will not hurt your result.  See your Plastic Surgeon for follow up.  Your breast implants appear too high in your photo.

If I start losing weight after Breast Augmentation will it mess up the outcome of my breasts?

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Short answer: NO-- however, it appears from this photo that your implants are riding higher that I would like to see. If your surgery is within the last 2-3 months-- they should drop. If, however-- you are one year or more post op-- I would recommend an open capsulotomy to reopen the pockets so that the implants occupy a more pleasing location. Without photos of your stomach we can not assess your Tummy Tuck needs. If however- you have lost so much skin-- you would be a candidate.

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