After Cellfina, why should strenuous exercise be avoided? for how long? and what is considered strenuous?

I had Cellfina on Monday& am interested to understand the purpose of avoiding strenuous exercise for 2 weeks . My doctor told me I could walk the first week but avoid running or anything "strenuous" . The post op literature they gave me then said something different about avoiding anything strenuous for 30 days. (is a difficult aerobic class that includes small weights but a lot of jumping and squats/lunges worse post procedure than a spin class?&if so why, what is the purpose of avoiding this?)

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After Cellfina, why should strenuous exercise be avoided? for how long? and what is considered strenuous?

Post procedure exercise will cause vasodilation which will increase blood flow to your buttocks and posterior thighs. This could increase and prolong any swelling and bruising that can occur after having a Cellfina procedure. I would suggest two weeks recovery before doing anything too strenuous. Good luck!

Exercise after Cellfina

I agree with your physician. Walking during the first week after the procedure is appropriate. However, significant strenuous exercise right after the procedure may lead to more bruising and swelling. I think 30 days is too extreme. Use your best judgement after the first week. If it hurts or you notice increased swelling, then cut back your routine to allow for healing.


You are trying to avoid large increase in blood pressure initially after these procedure.  This will lead to more bleeding which results in more bruising and swelling in the treatment areas.  This is true for every procedure for the most part.

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Avoid very strenuous exercise for a short while after Cellfina treatment

Depending on how much you had done, there will be some swelling and bruising. I agree that it is a good idea to avoid high impact exercise for about a week but weight lifting should be OK within a couple of days. Obviously biking or spinning will put a lot of stress right on that newly smoothed area and extend your recovery. It might also interfere with the beautiful final results - so skip the bike for a couple of weeks!

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Exercise After Cellfina

While minimally invasive, Cellfina is a surgical procedure.  The likelihood of having a complication from exercise is low, but to minimize increased bruising I personally tell patients to wait a few days before returning to strenuous exercise.  For your specific example I would wait until the weekend and then resume.  Hope you are liking your results.  I am a big fan of this procedure.

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Cellfina and Exercise

I usually let my patients return to full activity including exercise 2-3 days after Cellfina. I am not sure why you were told 2 weeks. However, it would be best to follow your physician's instructions and guidelines.

Exercising after Cellfina

No need to wait 2 weeks or 30 days. Most patients are back at the gym in the firs 3-5 days. Their main complaint is soreness. Results will not be affected.

Activity level after Cellfina

Walking is encouraged on the day of the procedure.  In 3-5 days after the treatment, patients can engage in non-impact type of exercising. Strenuous exercising such as running, heavy weight lifting, squats, etc. should be avoided to allow the treated areas to heal.  There will be some bruising and swelling after the Cellfina treatment and for this to resolve quickly, strenuous exercising should be delayed.  Always best to follow the specific advice of the physician who did your treatment. 

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Exercise after Cellfina

We get our patients back to activities following Cellfina within a few days. Best bet is to review this carefully with your surgeon so that you comply with his or her guidelines.

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I have my patients back at the gym in 3-5 days. I suggest you see an expert or speak to your physician about what is best.  Dr. Emer.

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