My age 19 year. How to get rid my chest without surgery??? (photos)

how to get rid my chest???

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Age 19 and Gynecomastia Surgery

The male breast is composed of glandular tissue and fatty tissue. An excess in either type of tissue can cause the chest to take on the look of gynecomastia. Gynecomastia can affect men of all different body types. There are different types of #gynecomastia.

According to official statistics, 36% of adult young men and 57% of older #adult men in the United States have this medical condition in one of the four grades.
About 200,000 to 3 million cases of #gynecomastia are being reported every single year. So if you have #breast #enlargement and you feel you're an exception, please understand that 1 in 3 young adult #men and 1 in 2 older adult men are just like you and have breast enlargement.

Particularly, Normal Gynecomastia is usually apparent in males between the ages of 12 to 15 years old. It is also common for older men 65 years old or more who experience a drop in their testosterone levels. #Normal Gynecomastia takes approximately one to two years to naturally regress on its own.
Adolescent Gynecomastia is hereditary and usually appears in 30% to 60% of boys between the ages of nine to fourteen. Many cases of adolescent gynecomastia resolve on its own as the boy grows into adulthood. Some with #Adolescent may choose to undergo surgery to correct the situation, this usually happens at the age of 18 or above. In severe cases in young boys, the physician and child development specialists will need to speak to the parents regarding the severity of the gynecomastia and if surgery is an option before the age of 18.

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Male Breast Reduction

Ideally, gynecomastia surgery is delayed until full development, around age 18 after adolescent hormonal influenced breast development ceases. Sometimes it will resolve to a degree afterwards. Also if your child is overweight, often the breasts will diminish with weight loss once in the normal range. However I have operated on several adolescent males to develop gynecomastia for those stigmatized and traumatized by the size of his breasts in severe cases with good results. Yes it is possible they will grow again and another procedure may be required for best results, Discuss the risk vs benefits with your board certified plastic surgeon that has experience in this age group.

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Gynecomastia At 19 Year

Thank you for your question.

You have a very common condition called Gynecomastia. No Non-Surgical procedure can help with this "problem". The good news is that this is only a cosmetic issue and can easily be taken care of with surgery. The surgery is Outpatient and done through VASER Liposuction or other kinds of Liposuction coupled with Gland Excision. It is quite safe and the results are permanent and very gratifying. 

All The Best !

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No quick fix

Unfortunately this will require surgery to remove or correct. And if you hear about some magic machine that will remove this without surgery it is in fact a scam. But don't be alarmed, this procedure is very straight forward and relatively easy to fix. This can be performed under general anaesthetic in a day hospital or some surgeons will perform this under local anaesthetic, which does reduce the fees for the patient. Please contact a fully qualified plastic surgeon in your area for more information.

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Gynecomastia like your is permanent

Unfortunately Gynecomastia like your is permanent.It is impossible to get rid of it without surgery.Sorry about it.

How should I choose a surgeon?
Selecting a surgeon is as important a choice as the decision to undergo surgery. Choose carefully. The decision is yours. What follows is some advice to assist in making your selection.
1. Experience matters. Choosing a surgeon who has performed over one thousand gynecomastia cases increases the likelihood that they have seen a case similar to yours in the past. Selecting a surgeon whose practice is focused on gynecomastia exclusively is also an indicator of experience.
2. Results matter. The more before-and-after pictures a surgeon displays, the better. Pay attention not just to the number of pictures, but whether the surgeon is confident enough to show multiple angles of the same patient.
3. Reviews matter. Have patients reviewed your surgeon? Did those patients undergo the surgery you are considering?
4. Expertise matters. Is your surgeon recognized by the profession as an authority in the field? Are they certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery? Have they authored books or medical journal articles regarding your surgery?
We hope these guidelines are of assistance when you are selecting your surgeon. When undergoing surgery, it is very important to be realistic about your expectations. Past results are not a guarantee of future results. Also, revision surgery tends to be significantly more difficult than initial surgery.

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Thanks for your photo.  The puffiness around the nipple is gyneomastia.  Very, very common! If you have had it for years, then it may not spontaneously go away.  There are no proven pills or lotions to reduce the condition, and exercise will reduce fat but not the breast tissue you see.  However, the good news is that there is an easy fix.  The tissue can be removed surgically and it won't come back.  Again, this is a very common condition.  You will want to see someone who performs many of these cases (preferrably a board certified plastic surgeon). So while it may be bothersome know you are not alone and this is nothing to lose sleep over.

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My age 19 year. How to get rid my chest without surgery

hello ALOKESH,
you have clear gynaecomastia which is due the continued presence of the gland and associated fat tissues.
All the exercise and dieting that you can do may reduce the fat. there may be change in the size of the chest, but because the gland remains it will maintain the same abnormal shape. the only way to get rid of it is surgery.
best of luck

Karthik Ram, MRCS, DNB
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