Can cast removal after Rhinoplasty mess up your nose job?

I got the bump removed off my nose 3 years ago, the doctor was unable to remove my cast that day so they sent in a nurse. I remember her peeling the cast for left to right off my face and the pain was so bad water was rolling from my eyes. The tip on my nose isn't straight and the tip pokes out way further than my bridge and I feel like I have a witch nose now. Would the way the nurse removed my cast cause this or did I just have a botched surgery. This surgeon was the best in my area.

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Rhinoplasty and splint

It is unlikely that removing the splint caused any issues. If you are unhappy with you results, then see your surgeon.

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Can cast removal after rhinoplasty mess up your nose?

Thank you for your question.It is really difficult to answer such a question. You would have to use such excessive force to damage what had been achieved surgically.It appears you are not completely satisfied with the outcome of your surgery. You are best discussing this with your surgeon as he should be able to assist you.Kind regards.

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