Which Kind of Specialist is Better to Repair a Broken (Displaced) Nose, an ENT or a Plastic Surgeon?

My 17 y/o son had an accident while playing a sport 2 days ago. He had a concussion and a broken and displaced nose. The ER doctor said to take him in about 7 to 10 days to an ENT to evaluate him, take some x-rays and the subsequent surgery. I wonder if a plastic surgeon would be a better option for this kind of injury. Thanks for your help

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Specialist to Repair Broken Nose

It makes no difference whether the surgeon is an ENT, facial plastic surgeon, or plastic surgeon as long as the physician is experienced and specializes in rhinoplasty surgery

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Broken nose

Both of these specialties are trained to fix a broken nose. It is important that your surgeon whether ENT or Plastic Surgeon is comfortable fixing broken noses and has done many of them. Good luck and good healing.

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Which Kind of Specialist is Better to Repair a Broken (Displaced) Nose, an ENT or a Plastic Surgeon?

Hi and thanks for your question

ENT or Plastics does not matter, both would be competent to fix a fractured nose. What matters is someone who has the expertise to fix your sons nose, as some ENT and some Plastic Surgeons may not do nose surgery. You should see someone in the next few days and not wait 10.

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Choosing a surgeon for nasal fracture

  It is important to find  a surgeon who has performed thousands  of nasal surgeries for your best results.  Chances are the internal portion of the nose is also fractured as well, and will require an ENT/facial plastic surgeon to address both the internal and external components of the nose. Look for a board-certified facial plastic surgeon with extensive experience in noses and in rhinoplasty

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Nasal fracture and who to see

A nasal fracture should be addressed sooner than later. I would not wait a week to see a doctor.  It is best to be seen and establish a plan. Ideally reduction of the fracture should take place within one to two weeks. ENT or Plastic surgeon should be fine.

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Nasal Trauma

It would be ideal to have the best of both worlds, so seeking a facial plastic surgeon, who is trained in both ENT and facial plastic surgery would be best, particularly if there is a nasal breathing issue.  However, the most important thing is to find someone who is a board certified specialist who can help your son achieve the results he seeks, whether it be facial plastic, plastic, or ENT.  It will be important to see someone within the 7-10 day time period following the accident.

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Which Kind of Specialist is Better to Repair a Broken (Displaced) Nose, an ENT or a Plastic Surgeon?

Whether you see a Facial Plastic Surgeon, ENT or Plastic Surgeon you will be well cared for as long as they are familiar with "closed reduction" and rhinoplasty procedures. These are commonly performed by all of the above specialities. You might want to call the office and ask how many of these procedures the ENT performs. It is important to followup during the first two weeks because the nose can be straightened, in many cases, without surgery prior to two weeks following the injury. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Best rhinoplasty surgeon for nasal fracture.

Best rhinoplasty surgeon for nasal fracture is a very experienced rhinoplasty surgeon-either ENT, facial or general plastic surgeon. 

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Plastic surgeon vs Facial plastic surgeon vs ENT for nasal fracture repair

When a nose is injured, it's not only important to restore the function of the nose, it's important to restore the appearance and the aesthetics as well.

You should feel comfortable that your prospective surgeon is comfortable with both functional and aesthetic rhinoplasty.

There are many members of each group who are, and many who are not.  There are highly competent surgeons in each group.

Besides reviewing the credentials in advance of the appointment, you may want to ask for before-after pictures to review.  Most surgeons who pride themselves on their nasal work will have a number to review.

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Which Kind of Specialist is Better to Repair a Broken (Displaced) Nose, an ENT or a Plastic Surgeon?

 I have performed Rhinoplasty for over 25 years and the truth, of the matter, is that facial plastic surgeons, plastic surgeons and ENT surgeons are all well trained and capable of performing Rhinoplasty in that sceanrio.  You may want to select your Rhinoplasty Surgeon, not only on their training, but looking at whether or not they understand and follow the proper aesthetics of facial beauty for the creation of a naturally more attractive nose and face.  

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