I had an arm lift done 2 weeks ago. It looks like my doc didn't remove enough fat/skin at all. Will they tighten up? (Photo)

I had brachioplasty after losing 150 pounds 10 years ago. I waited a long time. Now that I have had it done, it looks like my doc didn't take nearly enough skin/fat off! I cry daily because this is such a massively painful thing to heal from. Will the swelling and fat looking tissue resolve itself over time?

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Results of Arm Lifts After Massive Weight Loss

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I hope your arms have continued to improve and that you have found additional assistance if necessary. There are limits to how much skin you can remove without jeopardizing your circulation and nerve supply to your forearms and hands. I would encourage you to follow up with a board certified plastic surgeon who can address these concerns to help minimize your risks of permanent swelling and numbness in your forearms and hands and also make sure that you and your surgeon have realistic goals and expectations of what the surgery can do as well as it's limitations.

2 Weeks post Brachioplasty: will my arms reduce over time?

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After 2 weeks your swelling is about 30-40% gone. You have at least another 4 months to go before you get to your end result. You need to be patient. Your arm is like a big sponge and will slowly lose its swelling over time. After another 2 weeks it may feel tight firm and lumpy and then that too will fade away and they will shrink more and soften. Whether this is adequate to meet your expectations I can't say but certainly 2 weeks is not remotely long enough time to evaluate this.  Have Patience .

William Aiello, MD Orange County CA

William Aiello, MD
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No they will not tighten any more.
Will need revision, New surgery,  with combination liposuction and excision excess skin. Choosing the right surgeon to get the best results

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

I had an arm lift done 2 weeks ago. It looks like my doc didn't remove enough fat/skin at all. Will they tighten up?

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Even though still early in healing phase appears as a very conservative excision. If after 3 months appears same consider revision.


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Congratulations rsheagren on your brachioplasty! It is still really early to tell and sometimes a compression garment and or an ACE wrap can help. Ask your board certified plastic surgeon if she/he thinks this would be beneficial. Though patients may want to take as much off as possible, the most important thing is safe surgery and being able to safely close the arm back up after excising skin and fat. Best, MMT

Arm lift

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Hello and thank you for your question. It's a little early to tell. Did you have liposuction as well? Before even contemplating any revision,  you need to wait 3 to 6 months. Unfortunately I believe though that you are most probably correct in that too little was removed.  You also needed liposuction if not done. Having said that it's devestating if too much is removed. 
Peter Fisher M.D 

Peter Fisher, MD
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