Keloid on the Chest (photo)

I have a keloid on my chest and have seeked help but all docs i have seen recommend only injections. Can someone give me different advise other than injections.

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Cryoshape for keloid

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Keloid is a very difficult problem to treat. Recurrence is very high. Traditionally, we have used steroid injections, surgery, and cryotherapy. Recently, Cryoshape has shown great promise in the treatment for keloids. Cryoshape is an FDA approved hand-held cryosurgical instrument for destroying keloid scar. It treats keloid scar from the inside out. Cryoshape keloid scar treatment is the cool solution to keloid scar.

Unlike other procedures for keloid scar, CryoShapeâ„¢ requires only ONE session to significantly reduce scar. There is minimal discomfort and recovery. If you have tried other options or do not want repeated injections, Cryoshape may help you. Make sure to consult with a plastic surgeon about your options.

Cryoshape is a new "effective " treatment for Keloids

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Cryoshape is a new method for Keloid treatment where a probe is inserted and liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the keloid from the inside out. It is done with local anesthesia and has a very high resolution rate with much lower rate of pigment changes. 

Treatment of chest keloids

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I would begin with IIT, pressure treatment, and laser for the chest keloids. I have treated countless chest keloids and believe that this represents the best long and short term treatment.

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