Forehead Scar Minimization, What Treatment is Best? (photo)

I am 29. I received a laceration on my forehead on 7/25/12, that required 13 stitches. I left the stitches in for about 7 days and had them removed by a plastic surgeon,then put on steri strips for 7 days. Another plastic surgeon suggested laser treatments, which would flatten the scar & remove the redness. A Doctor also suggested Botox to remove the horizontal wrinkles on my forehead, since this is a vertical scar, to help smooth out the rest of my forehead. thoughts? suggestions? thanks!

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Forehead scar revision

This is a red and depressed scar that can be improved by either scar revision surgery, pulsed dye laser, fractional co2, and percutaneous scar release.  I perform all of these in combination to improve scars of the forehead.

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Scarabrasion Plus Botox Work Well For Improving Recent Traumatic and Surgical Scars

It has been known for more than two decades already that there is a finite window of time (approximately eight to twelve weeks) after injury or surgical scars to intervene. If such intervention, usually dermabrasion or better manual dermasanding, is performed during that time, there is an excellent chance of improving or sometimes almost eliminating the scar. As a rule, the longer one waits after that time, i.e. the more mature the scar, the less effective the treatment.

The traditional treatment for the such traumatic injuries when performed during this window of opportunity was referred to as "scarabrasion." As the name suggests, the treatment consisted of using a high speed electrical dermabrading device to smooth the scar several weeks after the injury. Later, equal, if not better results, were obtained manually sanding the scar with sterilized sand paper. This approach to fresh scars continues to be a favorite of mine in my private practice.

However, I also find the addition of Botox (or other neuromodulators, such as Dysport or Xeomin) injected around the scar, immobilize the area and permit better collagen deposition and improved results. More recently, I have also found that medical microneedling, either manually with the Dermaroller or electrically with the Dermapen to further to be quite effective and actually less traumatic.

A consultation with an experienced esthetic physician is strongly advised and should be done well with the eight to twelve week period following the injury.



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Forehead Scar Minimization, What Treatment is Best? (photo)

Use local scar ointments or silicone sheeting. Very early for laser therapy or injections. AVOID sun to area. 

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