I Have a Keloid on my Chest and Shoulder, and I Want Them off What Can I Do?

I have a keloid on my chest and shoulder and I wanted to,know how to get them removed...please help

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Treatment of chest keloids in Los Angeles

Chest keloids respond very well to a combination of IIT, scar laser, and pressure therapy. Surgery is required less often. 

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I Have a Keloid on my Chest and Shoulder, and I Want Them off What Can I Do?

For the Keloid on the chest, you can try injection of Steroids. Personally I dont recommend excision of chest keloid scars as the risk of recurrence is high and sometimes the cure is worse than the disease. However for the shoulder scar, if injection of steroids dont work you could excise the keloid surgically and inject steroids at the time of surgery. The response of the keloid to steroid injections is best in the first 12 months and after that can be variable. See a Plastic Surgeon.

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Keloid Scar

Keloid scars can be quite troubling. The options include steroid injection, laser, and re-excision. Steroid can be injected at the time of incision. The Fraxel 1550 has recently published some photos of impressive keloid treatment--I have yet to see it myself but it is certainly worth a consultation. 


Best of luck.

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I Have a Keloid on my Chest and Shoulder, and I Want Them off What Can I Do...

A Keloid can be difficult to permanently remove. A keloid on the ear may be removed by surgery, but keloids on the body do not respond too well.  Often times, if surgery is attempted, the resulting scar can get bigger.  Usually, a steroid injection is the best treatment for keloids on the chest and shoulder.  It won't remove the keloid, but it can shrink the scar tissue significantly.  Some patients need to have multiple injections depending on the size of the keloid.

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Cortison Injections

Is the keloid on your chest from acne? Keloids in the chest from acne scars are actually quite difficult to treat. As you notice a scar is not softening or disappearing but in fact getting larger, that is the time to seek intervention as soon as possible. You can get an injection of cortison or there are other injectibles where you can use different medications off-label to inject directly into the keloid. I don't recommend getting an excision as these keloids can recur. I would seek medical attention as soon as keloids appear to give you the best possible chance of improvement.

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