How is the cost of sclerotherapy broken down on paper?

I recently had sclerotherapy done and received a bill/receipt for $300 even. My insurance will not cover it unless there is a breakdown - Dr.'s fees and medicine fees. The company is making it difficult to give me a new receipt with the breakdown. Is this normal practice and how do I get my insurance to cover the procedure?

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Agree with Dr. Fox

I agree with Dr. Fox - we don't break down the cost of sclerotherapy by area or cost of the sclerosant. We charge for the time spent. It is uncommon for an insurance company to ask for this information, although I suppose if we were asked we could create a break down that might satisfy them. It seems frankly as if your insurance company is not well informed about common billing practices with sclerotherapy.

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Sclerotherapy cost break down

Insurance carriers rarely will pay for sclerotherapy unless it involves ultrasound and is being done to treat larger refluxing veins.  The smaller spider veins are considered cosmetic in nature and require extensive time and multiple supplies aside from the cost of medicine along with injection aids.  This is all generally factored into the global fee which is a cash rate.  It is not broken down into each item.  Contact your insurance company representative to clear up the confusion. 

Ivan Brooks, MD
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Sclerotherapy costs in Los Angeles

Sclerotherapy entails professional and medicine fees. I would write to your insurance's medical director to discuss your concerns. 


Dr. Karamanoukian

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Sclerotherapy bill

To be honest in 20 years we have never broken down the bill as you are stating.  We usually do the sclerotherapy and include the medication into the cost of the procedure. 

Susan Fox, DO
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Cost of sclerotherapy

If I do a closure procedure (EVLT) then we request sclerotherapy from the insurance companies as part of the entire vein care.  Sclerotherapy by itself, however, in my practice is a cash procedure since it is purely cosmetic. We do not bill medicine fees.

John Landi, MD
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