What is this on my eyelid? It was a purple bump and then popped under my skin. (Photo)

I have had a purple dot on my eyelid for 4 or 5 years. Its never hurt and didn't bother me. Today it popped under my skin while I was washing my face. It hurts now and getting bigger. Do I need to be worried?

Doctor Answers 2

Purple spot on eyelid

It sounds as though it may be a burst blood vessel, a vein or capillary. The purple color is accumulated blood, like a bruise, and should clear in a few days to a week. You should see your doctor to make sure that it is nothing more serious, especially if you are having worsening pain.

Purple mark on eyelid

It may be a small vein that broke under the skin.  If so, the discoloration should clear within a few days.  However, to know for sure, or if it does not resolve quickly, you should see you doctor and have it examined.

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