6 days post op, a gap in my inner thigh lift incisions with a fluid that has a bad odor. Is this normal? (photos)

I had an inner thigh lift 9 days ago with no drains i noticed that the discharge stopped on day 3 but then on day 6 i saw an openeing in both my legs and a fluid that has a brownish colour is coming out with a bad smell i informed my doctor and he saw the opening said it was fine . I keep changing on it but the fluid is alot and its not closing should i be conserned ?

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Thigh lift wound

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Thank you for your picture. Unfortunately this is a common occurrence with thigh lifts. The wound needs to be cared for locally with dressings. Any remaining fluid should be removed. Your plastic surgeon needs to make sure that the fluid is not infected.

Crescent medial thigh wound breakdown thigh lift

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Unfortunately, wound breakdown from a crescent medial side lift is not uncommon. I would suggest follow up with your board-certified plastic surgeon.  Typically, these wounds heal with conservative treatment.  I would suggest a wound culture, antibiotics and wet to dry dressings. Once the wound has significantly healed, you can switch to topical antibiotics.  Wounds like these rarely need revision or skin grafts. The resulting scar usually heals exceptionally well.  

Wound breakdown after a thigh lift

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Unfortunately you have a small wound breakdown.  Your surgeon should see you and arrange wound care.  This is not an emergency but I would recommend letting the surgeon know about this so that proper arrangements can be made

Medial Thigh Lift

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Open wound in the groin after medial thigh lift needs close observation and meticulous care. Local wound care to prevent or decrease the chances of infection is paramount.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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