Can a tight retainer cause abfractions/bone loss and gum recession?

I was always really good at wearing my retainers but for the past few years i wear them less often, they still fit but are tight. My orthodontist insists that if i just wear them they will go back into place. I have small abfractions and some gum recession, i now wear a night guard but i wonder if wearing my tight retainers could also being causing the problem or making it worst? I want to keep my teeth straight but i don't want any more problems with my teeth and gums.

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In the first place a night guard should be maintaining the position of your teeth on the upper arch where a night guard is normally used.  Secondly the night guard should be made with the lower retainer in place so that  you can wear your night guard on the upper while wearing the retainer on the lower.  The best night guards are made with IMPAC or some other semi-hard material that will be retained without any metal and without touching your gums. Also I am assuming you are wearing an Invisalign type retainer.  Invisalign has a great retainer program called Vivera.  If periodontal gum recession continues, additional abfractions occur, or you develop any kind of TMJ syptoms occur I would consider getting an opinion from a neuromuscular dentist who has periodontal training. The technology to stop all the issues you have is available.

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