Should I Take Liver Support Supplements on Accutane?

I'm 110lbs and was just given 40mg Accutane from my GP (no derm in my area) I took it 8 years ago, it worked but I feel that it has affected my liver as if I drink(which is occasionally) I get an awful hungover the next day from just one or two drinks (I always eat before drinking). This makes me scared to take this medication again as I worry I may cause more damage. I am waiting on my blood work before I go ahead with my prescription. Should I take liver support supplements and if so what?

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Liver support supplements and Accutane

Liver functions can go high on Accutane but they rebound quickly and go back to whatever the levels were before, within about 15-30 days of stopping Accutane. You simply have a low tolerance for alcohol, which has nothing to do with Accutane. I can't say I recommend liver support supplements, and frankly, it's just more for the body to process.

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