4 days post op Otoplasty, I got severe pain and swelling in my right ear. Is this infections? (photos)

I am in to the clinic tomo for my post op review. will only be able to see a nurse as the surgeon don't see the patients for weeks if not months post op. The painkillers are still needed as my right ear is very sore and seems to be swelled much more than the left. The anti-helix is protruding way more then the helix in both ears and I am concerned about this along with the possible haematoma / Infection that might be behind my right ear. Please view my pics and give some insight. Thanks :)

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I believe it is the moral obligation of the operating surgeon to see his/her patients post operatively, and be available should there be any potential risks and complications.
The pictures posted and the fact there is reddness, increased pain few days after surgery points to the possibility of infection. It should be examined by the operating physician and decision should be made as to the best treatmet option.

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Infection after otoplasty

Redness after otoplasty is common, and its difficult to tell from the photos whether you have an infection or not. Ears are prone to blood collections and infection post surgery and an examination will help elucidate whether an infection is present in your case. Significant pain is definitely an indication for you to be reviewed by your treating physician.

Paul G. Gerarchi, MBBS, FRACS
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Hematoma blood collection behind the right ear after otoplasty

This could be a blood collection and can be easily expressed. The antihelix dominance in your result could improve with time as your ears tend to come out more over time. This could bring the helix to a more visible position.

Philip Young, MD
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