IPL Technique for Rosacea Redness Using Lumenis One 560 Filter?

Doctor #1 used a small spot size/head for the entire face at 19J. It did not hurt and many pulses were done. Post treatment redness dissipated within the hour. The day after I noticed some subtle improvement in redness. Doctor #2 uses a large spot size with fewer pulses but each was painful! Setting was only 17J. After, my face was red/irritated for 24h. The tech there thought it was odd to use a small head for entire face as it doesn't let enough energy into the skin. Which technique is best?

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IPL Technique for Rosacea Redness

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Providing the name of each laser that was used would be helpful. Rosacea is a chronic medical condition that can benefit from certain types of treatments but will likely not ever fully go away. Lifestyle changes and other meds (oral and/or topical) may still be necessary.

Which Laser for Rosacea?

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Hi Brent.  From the description, it is hard to tell what the smaller head laser was.  If it was a pulsed dye laser (V-Beam or V-star) then that is the gold standard for Rosacea.  IPL is not ideal because it is not very high powered.  Based on your description though, neither treatment resulted in bruising, which is the outcome with a pulsed dye laser using the most effective settings for Rosacea.  Find out if a pulsed dye laser is being used as that will be best for Rosacea and then ask about a "bruising treatment" with the pulse d dye laser for best results.  See link below.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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