Will Invisalign Work for Me?!? Crowding and Overbite

A number of years ago, I was told by my orthodontist that I would need to wear traditional braces for 3 years :(!! I was not willing to do so due to high school prom/ college - in hindsight, I wish I did! I have noticed that my right tooth has shifted inward a bit within the past 6 months and I am worried my top teeth will continue to do so if I do not get them fixed. Will invisalign work for me? Is there a price estimate you can give me for my case? Thank you in advance!!

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Skeletal Class 2/ Dental Class 2

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Invisalign would work for you. However, if your goal was to attain an ideal occlusion (meaning Class 1 dental relationship), you will be disappointed. Once you have stopped growing, your chances of correcting skeletal jaw discrepancy is very negligible. In other words, your alignment might be corrected but you will then notice a very significant overjet (space between your lower and upper teeth) to reflect your underlying class 2 skeletal pattern. Even if you had traditional braces, this overjet space cannot be predictably corrected (ie. using rubber bands etc). The ideal way of correcting this discrepancy is to consider surgically advancing your lower jaw. A non-surgical treatment in an adult would be compromised treatment that would involve extraction of upper two bicuspids (or distalize your upper molars with TADs) and retract the upper incisors.


Bottomline, either Invisalign or traditional braces would work to align your teeth. But none of the methods would correct your "bite" (class 2 discrepancy). If you wanted to correct the "bite" issue as well, you would need to consider either jaw surgery or extraction of some permanent teeth and longer treatment duration in traditional braces.


Good luck.

Rockville Orthodontist

Overbite like you have can be corrected with Invisalign

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Called by orthodontists by the name Division 2,  the treatment for this type of problem will require substantial movement of the roots of the front teeth.  Invisalign now uses "Power Ridges" to accomplish this.  This is something new within the last several years that now allows this type of tooth movement, thereby allowing a correction with Invisalign.  Be aware that there can be TMJ issues which could be improved with this Invisalign treatment.  Do seek an Invisalign certified dentist to consult with.  The treatment could be very effective and rewarding.

Invisalign will definitely work

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Invisalign is great at aligning front teeth but not as good as braces at correcting overbites in moderate to severe cases.  These days overbites are not considered as much a problem as they used to be, which is good if Invisalign is your only choice of treatment modality.  You may want to consider visiting an orthodontist who is skilled at using many different appliances including Invisalign if you are concerned about completely correcting your overbite.  That way you'll get good information about the options that truly exist for your case.

Brian Povolny, DDS, PhD
Seattle Orthodontist

Invisalign should work for you

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Without seeing your bite on your back teeth, it's impossible to say if Invisalign will definitely work for you.  With what I can see, it probably will work.  Your cost will be dependant on the number of aligners needed to complete your treatment, as well as who performs your care.

Gerilyn Alfe, DMD
Chicago Dentist

You appear to be an ideal case for Invisalign

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Hello Applejacks, yes your case does seem perfect for Invisalign.  You need to find a great dentist in your area to take the full orthodontic records to be certain, but by viewing your pictures - you look great.

The fee should be $3500 - $5500 - depending on how may liners you will need for treatment.  Best of luck - you going to love your new smile!

Greg Lutke, DDS
Plano Dentist

Invisalign for crowded teeth

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From the looks of your photos, you would be a good candidate for Invisalign. The indication for Invisalign are constantly increasing, so I would discuss this with your dentist. I hope it works out for you. 

Fred Peck, DDS
Cincinnati Dentist

Invisalign will work!

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Hi Applejacks!

Yes, Invisalign will work for you. 

From what I can see, you have some very typical orthodontic issues that are very easily corrected with Invisalign.


Dr. Alper




Steve Alper, DMD
New York Dentist

Yes it will work

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I looked at your photos and although I can't see your bite, I don't see any reason why you couldn't be a candidate for Invisalign.  Expect to pay $3500-$5000 for treatment.  It's hard to give you any more information specific to your case without seeing you in person.

Daniel W. Schiavone, DDS
Rochester Dentist

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