How Long Will It Take to Close a Gap Between Teeth of About 0,06 Inch (1,5 Mm)?

I have a gap of about 0,06 inch (1,5 mm) between my two front teeth. If I'll get a brace or invisalign or the like, how long will it approximately take to get this gap closed?

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How long to close a gap?

Invisalign normally moves each tooth .2 mm per aligner. If the space is closed from both sides then it should theoretically take only 4 sets which would be 8 weeks!  Braces would take approximately the same time.  However there are many many other factors involved so it is impossible to say exactly!

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Preventing gaps from reopening after braces or Invisalign

One challenge often overlooked is that gaps that formed once likely will open again unless retention efforts are performed.  This just means wear a retainer after braces/Invisalign.  

To close a 1.5 mm gap likely is only a matter of weeks, depending on the method.

Another way to avoid retainers is porcelain veneers.  This leaves the teeth where they are and fills in the spaces with tooth colored materials (porcelain or composite).  The investment may be more than braces, so a comprehensive consultation with an experienced cosmetic dentist is important.

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Invisalign is a Wonderful option to close your gaps

Invisalign is a clear way to straighten you teeth and give you the smile you always wanted. You must first get a comprehensive exam to measure the amount of space you really have and the size of your jaw. Depending on that your doctor can decide if Invisalign is the right treatment for you. Sometimes Veneers or Bonding is a more realstic option. 

If Invisalign is an option, each aligner (2 weeks) does about 0.25mm of movement. So in your case about 4-6 months.

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It will depend on the other teeth

Hi notordinary89,

Invisalign makes precise small movements of up to .2mm for each aligner. However, this does not mean it will take just 8 aligners or 16 weeks to correct. If just these 2 teeth were moved, that would be the case. In reality, all the other teeth need to move to compensate, otherwise the gap would just be moved to the back of these teeth instead of the front.

When you see a dentist or orthodontist for consultation, they should be able to give you an estimate of the expected time frame to complete treatment, but even then, it is only when a full computerised model of your teeth with a clincheck is carried out, that they can know with any certainty. Many practitioners of invisalign offer free consultation.

It is more important to have correct treatment, than quick treatment. Good luck with your treatment.

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It is based on a number of factors

Each person’s teeth move differently based on their own biology. To close a gap of 1.5mm it would take 3 months on average. Your individual treatment timing will be estimated based on a number of factors including your bite, alignment of other teeth, and genetics.

Just a few months to close the gap..

With invisalign it is quick and easy to close a gap this small. It may close in a matter of weeks but the teeth will have to be held there for a while.

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Fixing a Gap Between Front Teeth

You have several options for closing a gap between two front teeth. 1) orthodontics (conventional or Invisalign). This would not take long at all assuming the rest of your teeth are in perfect alignment. Probably six months or less. However, you will have to deal with retention for the rest of your life or the space will reopen.  2) Porcelain veneers. This is a two step process where the teeth are first prepared, an impression is taken and the second appointment where the veneers are cemented into place.  3) Composite bonding is the least expensive and quickest way to fix the problem. It is done in a single visit.

Good luck!

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