Can Inverted Nipple After Lumpectomy Be Repaired?

Is it possible to to repair a nipple that has turned inward during a lumpectomy?

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Inverted nipple in continuity with lumpectomy

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There are several reasons for nipple inversion after lumpectomy. If the lumpectomy was close to the nipple, some of the tissue support may have been removed. Did you have post-op radiation therapy? This can also contribute to change in the smooth muscles which are responsible for eversion of the nipple.

Ask your surgical oncologist's opinion of the cause of nipple inversion, prior to asking for cures. Plastic surgeons are frequently requested to correct nipple inversion and various procedures have been developed, which are fairly simple in women without a history of breast cancer. These include using injectables, such as Restylane, surgical division of the ducts, which are responsible for the inversion, creation of a "pursestring" suture to elevate the ductile tissue. Without the benefit of a photo, I cannot give you an accurate diagnosis or plan, however your surgical oncologist can. Good luck.

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An inverted nipple can be corrected

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The short answer to your question is yes.  Nipple inversion can occur for several reasons after your lumpectomy.  This includes the "inner" scarring that occurs that likely brough part of the nipple with it, causing an inversion.  To fix this, it is important to figure out which parts of the breast caused this:  loss of skin, skin contracture, fat necrosis, infection, radiation, etc.   Once this has been evaluated, then the principle of treating any nipple inversion are used:  release the scar, add more tissue, etc.   Recurrence can be common, so it is best to see a plastic surgeon with significant experience in this area.

Inverted nipple

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An inverted nipple usually can be repaired. After  lumpectomy, you probably lost some tissue under the areola and that is what caused the indentation.

Simple correction of inverted nipples

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Inverted nipples can be easily corrected in a simple office procedure. I have a simple technique with a device that will repair the inversion and make it project naturally.

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Inverted nipple after lumpectomy.

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 Yes it can. The contraction can be released and the breast tissues rearranged to make it hold up.If you had radiation this could be more difficult. I would recommend to go to a plastic surgeon with a lot of experience with breast surgery.

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