Pregnancy Safe After Mastectomy, Before Breast Reconstruction?

I am scheduled to have a bilateral prophylactic mastectomy with tissue expanders in a couple of weeks. The doctor has suggested that if I want another child to get pregnant soon. Is it safe to get pregnant after the mastectomy and tissue expander surgery but before the implants are put in?

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Prophylactic mastectomy and implants

If you are trying to get pregnant I am not sure about the timing.  Having tissue expanders in while you are pregnant can complicate things.

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Not sure about the timing here

If you got pregnant "soon" you would need to wait to have your mastectomy surgery because you can't have elective surgery pregnant. If you get pregnant soon after the mastectomy and expander surgery, you will need to wait until after delivery to get the permanent implants. What about waiting until the entire process is completed?

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