Breast Reconstruction Cost: $13,000 Fair Price?

I got a quote of 13,000 for implants, a lift and fixing of some scar tissue on my right breast due to two lumpectomy's. I'm going to have both breasts done. Does this seem expensive to you?I live in the CherryHill N.J. area. Thankyou for your help, Diana

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Fees for breast reconstruction

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One source that you could find average prices of specific plastic surgery procedures is from the American Society of Plastic Surgery website.  You can find national averages, as well as regional averages.  Also do not forget that the fee you quoted can be a combination of surgeon's fee, implant or tissue expander cost, the cost of any biologic implant like Alloderm, and how many breasts are reconstructed.

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Fees for breast reoconstruction

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The fees for various surgical procedures vary from one geographic region to another and from one physician to another. Some states such as New Hampshire publish guides that include ranges for physician fees for specific procedures, but most states do not. Ingenix publishes a geographic based database of median and percentile rages for physician fees by procedure. The guide is most easily accessed on-line, but a subscription can be costly.

You could consider consulting with a few doctors in your area to get an idea of the rage of charges. In the end, unless a particular doctor's charges are way out of line, it is often best to select a qualified and experienced doctor with whom you feel comfortable. 

Costs of breast surgery

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Breast surgery costs vary from region to region.  Shop around and see what prices you get.  You can also haggle a little bit with the prices.  However, for anesthesia, facility, and professional fees, it sounds as though you're getting a good deal.  Good luck!

Costs of breast surgery

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This sounds high even for Boca Raton Florida. Done as an in office procedure the fee would run around 10,000 to 11,000 for everything including the implants, OR, and Anesthesia fees. Fees will vary from region to region and you may want to get one or two more opinions to compare the prices.

You may also ask your plastic surgeon whether some of the fees may be billed to your insurance if this was the result of lumpectomies.

Good luck with your planned surgery!

Seems High for Philadelphia/ South Jersey

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Surgical fees vary from region to region. You are fortunate to live in an area with some of the most moderate cosmetic surgery prices in the country.

For a standard breast augmentation and complete uplift, $ 13,000 is about 50% too high. Since you have had previous breast biopsies and are having a scar revision, there may be good reason to have additional charges.

I would seek a second or third opinion. If the cost is high and you want to proceed with your current doctor, ask why his fee is higher than the rest of the community.

Good luck!!

Richard L. Dolsky, MD (retired)
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Fees for breast surgery.

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If the fee you were quoted includes breast implants, operating room cost, and anesthesia, then it is quite reasonable.  In Manhattan, we charge a little more, perhaps $14,000.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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Fees for surgery

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 Fees for surgery vary from region to region. If the surgeon has a good reputation and happy patients, he is probably well worth the fee.  Remember sometimes you get what you pay for. Fixing mistakes from lower quality work, may cost you more in the long run.

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Fair cost for a breast surgery?

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Price is one of those very difficult issues. Every region of the country has a different overhead. The costs of employees, rent, malpractice issurance are all figured into the surgeon's fees. The type of implant -- saline, silicone, and cohesive gel will determine a portion of the cost, the costs of anesthesia and the operating room all add to the overall cost.

The surgical fee is determined by the complexity of your case -- what surgery did the patient have before, what are the tissue that you have to work with like, and how much work and risk is there in the procedure to get the finest result.

Have you ever eaten a hamburger at Le Bec Fin? They charge a lot more than Mc Donalds -- and it is worth it.

Richard Greco, MD
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That sounds a bit pricey to me. I might recommend that she do get several other opinions regarding cost other procedure options, etc. For your geographic location this might be an average cost or it might be an outlier. If this is an outlier it would be wise to find out what the reason is. Perhaps there is a part of this operation that he did not explain well to you that would justify the increase cost. When the other hand, other doctors may come in at significantly higher prices, making his puote price a bargain.

It sounds like you need to do more homework.

Breast surgery costs

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The cost of cosmetic surgery varies widely, and as you mention, there are separate costs associated with the surgeon's fee, an anesthesia charge, a facility charge, and a charge for the implants themselves. Low or high cost do not necessarily indicate a lack of, or presence of quality. That price is certainly in the range of normal for several operations on each breast.

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