Is it possible for a chemical peel to plump your skin as well?

I have seen before and after pics where in addition to the skin being smoother, brighter, wrinkle free..whatever the case may be, it also appeared more plump. Like under eye peels appear to have plumped the under area, peels around the mouth look like they've removed wrinkles AND plumped the skin. Is it just an illusion caused by the new smoothness of skin? Can certain peels do more than just remove unwanted blemishes/wrinkles?

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Is it possible for a chemical peel to plump your skin as well?

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Thanks for your query. It is not possible for chemical peels to plump up the skin. It can create an illusion of plump skin by fading away the wrinkles and fine lines which makes the skin appear smoother , and the under eye dark circles looks less prominent once they become light so it’s just a pseudo effect. Chemical peels exfoliate the sin to a deep level and giving a targeted action on the required areas and give you a smooth skin. Hope it helps.

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there are different depth peels and his affects downtime as well as results. Very superficial peels give out a glow, medium depth peels improve brown tones and slightly tighten skin, whereas deeper peels will improve skin tone and texture. When wrinkles improve, the skin may look more plump, but it is simply an improvement in wrinkles. The only way to plump up the skin would be dermal fillers, which can be a beautiful complement to peels

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Chemical Peels Smooth Skin & Improve Tone & Texture

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Chemical peels do not plump the skin. They are used for smoothing roughened skin texture and for improving blotchy skin coloration problems.It is possible that the photos you saw were taken while there was some residual tissue edema (swelling), which can persist for a couple of weeks following treatment. It is also possible that the individual was also given filler treatments at the same time. 

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Chemical Peels and Effects

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Chemical peels make the skin look smoother and even out pigmentation and fine lines.  Peels do not plump the skin.  Fillers plump the skin.  Thermage can tighten the skin and produce new collagen.  It is possible that these patients had a combination of treatments for this result.  Best, Dr. Green

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