Is it fine to use tretinoin while Derma Rolling? (photos)

Im suffering from acne scars, i dermapen once a month and aftr 14 days start derma rolling with 1.5 mm. But my problm is i get dark patches of pigmenration. Will tretinoin be safe and useful?

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Yes - tretinoin & derma roller is a great regime, however....

Yes, I often prescribe patients 'homework', namely dermal rolling, but I limit the depth to 0.5- 0.75 mm at most. 1.5 mm with pressure, and incorrect technique can lead to problems as pointed out. So, your idea is great, just be careful. Firstly ask your self what are you trying to achieve with rolling - if it is for scar revision, then yes, this can be done in between professional specialist micro needling RF energy devices. Let your Specialist guide you as if you are too aggressive or frequent with your needling and tretinoin, PIH or skin darkening can occur. My regime is to use home needle rolling 2 times a month, tretinoin 5 days after derma rolling, if PIH occurs, I add HQ in between. Talk to your Specialist about incorporating 'home work' with their regime, I do believe, if performed correctly this can IMPROVE outcomes. All the best, Dr Davin S. Lim.   Dermatologist, Brisbane. Australia. 

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Micro-needle treatment for acne scarring

Needles that are 1.5 mm in length should be used only by professionals on the face as there are reports of scarring from this treatment, as well as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) which it appears you are experiencing. Also, rollers such as the Dermaroller create a more erratic pattern of "tears" through the skin rather than the clean, more evenly distributed punctures seen with motorized micro-needling machines. leading to even more inflammation and pigmentation. Tretinoin can cause a great deal of inflammation as well, which is why it is by prescription only and should be used only under the direction of a physician,
Medical micro-needling has been proven to be an excellent treatment for acne scarring and for improvement of skin texture. In my office, we have found these treatments to be even more effective by applying human growth factor serums to the skin at the time of the treatment. We use the ProCell Therapies system which combines motorized micro-needling with serums that are specifically made for micro-needling.

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