How Many Cm Should my Chin Implant Be? (photo)

I got a chin implant 3 months ago & It's an improvement but not what I expected. The implant is too small & I discussed this with my surgeon and said he would swap it out if I tell him exactly how many mm I want it. The one in there now is a small silicone one that was placed through the mouth. I included a pic of what I would like my new implant to look like. My question is how many mm should I tell him or what kind of implant? Do you think a rhinoplasty would improve my profile?

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Determining The Right Size For A Chin Implant

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A chin should look good both at rest and when you smile. When we smile the lips are pulled back by our smile muscles, but the chin stays in the original position. So a chin may look too small when we are at rest, but look good when we smile. The important thing is that in trying to make it perfect at rest, it is made too large when smiling. To determine the ideal amount of augmentation, use a profile photograph, and draw a vertical line through the point where the upper lip profile meets the bottom of the nose. Do this with smiling and non-smiling poses. In women his line should pass in front of the chin by a little bit at rest and may pass a tiny bit behind the chin profile at smile. If the chin is more than a little bit in front of this line at smile, the chin will look too strong, like a witch's chin. Even if the chin is still further behind the line in the relaxed photo than is ideal, you should not make the chin and larger than what looks good in the smile photo. Some men may look good with the chin in front of the line a little more.

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Chin Implant Exchange For More Significant Change

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To help you select the desired amount of horizontal chin augmentation, it is first important to know what your original and current profiles look like and to also know the exact thickness in mms your current implant provides. Then using computer imaging demonstrate the desired change you want. With this information, you will know better how much projection the new chin implant must provide. You have some of that information but you absolutely need to know the dimensions of your indwelling implant.

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