I am 22 yrs old. When do facial bones stop growing?

My problem is that I have been sleeping on the right side of my face, all the time and now it is not as good looking as it used to be.I just realized that the two side of my face is very different, and I know that I always sleep on the right side of my face, so I am quite sure that is the reason. I know that the face is not always symmetrical but it is very bad in my case. Is there any chance my bones will grow normal if I stop sleeping on that side, or the only chance is plastic surgery ?

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Asymmetric face

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Facial asymmetry is very common. And it is NOT related to sleeping on one side of the face or the other. This is a myth.
facial bone stop growth at Ge 18  to 21 max.
if the facial bone is re,ally not developed properly by x- Ray and CT Scan, then one need to decide what is the cause and diagnosis and the proper treatment if any.
major clefts and major syndromes associated with facial bones arrest of growth need diagnosis by a craniofacial surgeon and proper advice on the treatment.
normal variation can be treated by simple surgery, cosmetic. Fillers, fat, or other major surgery. Do not expect perfection only God can be perfect, plastic surgeons are not.
each face is beautifully on its own right

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