How Much Does a Septoplasty Cost?

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Septoplasty: Basic Information and Cost

Septoplasty is a surgery performed to correct a deviated (or crooked) septum. The septum is the piece of cartilage that separates one side of the nose from the other. Normally, the septum is straight. When it is crooked, it is termed a deviated septum. A deviated septum can block the nasal passage and contribute to symptoms of nasal obstruction.

Correction of a deviated septum with a septoplasy involves making an incision on the inside of the nose. The skin covering the septum is lifted off the cartilage and the crooked portion is either removed or reshaped to make the breathing passages more open.

A septoplasty does not change the shape of the nose and is therefore considered a functional procedure as opposed to a cosmetic procedure. As such, it is a procedure (as well as facility fees and anesthesia costs) that insurance should pay for. Verification of benefits and prior authorization before surgery should be obtained. For patients without insurance, the surgeon's fee for a septoplasty can range between $1000 and $2000.

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Cost Can Vary: Expect $4,000-$5,000

Septoplasty is a commonly performed surgical procedure.Prices for this procedure very widely and depend on several variables.It’s important to make sure that your fee quote includes the surgeon’s fee, facility fee, anesthesia charges and pre and post-operative care.These components may vary widely depending on the surgeon’s practice.
Generally, surgeons who operate in dedicated outpatient cosmetic surgery facilities are able to offer lower facility fees than those who operate in hospital based practices.Anesthesia fees can vary and this may be related to the use of a nurse anesthetist verses a physician anesthesiologist.
Finally, the physician’s fee may vary depending upon regional differences and local competition.It’s also important to understand the surgeon’s revisional surgery policies.Hopefully this won’t be necessary, but revisions occur for a multitude of reasons.
When all these variables are considered, fees in the Midwestern United States vary from $4,000 to $5,000.It’s important to remember that price is an important part of your decision but it’s not the only consideration.Make sure your surgeon is board certified, has a good reputation and experience performing septoplasty surgery.

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Great question. A septoplasty is part of a functional nasal surgery, which essentially means the only goal of the surgery is to improve breathing. As such, septal surgery is covered by the vast majority of insurance plans. Thus the only anticipated cost to you as a patient would be your insurance deductible. If you have met your deducatable or have a health savings plan the surgery may not cost you anything at all. Hope this helps. 

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Cost of Septoplasty Surgery

The cost of a septoplasty surgery is dependent on the surgeon who performs your procedure as well as your geographic location. Generally speaking, surgeons who are more experienced and who are well-known in the field tend to charge more for their services, while surgery performed in a urban setting tends to be more expensive than that performed in a suburban setting. You may also want to look into whether or not your insurance will cover some or all of the cost of your septoplasty. Depending on your coverage, your surgeon, and whether or not the surgery is medically-necessary, paying through insurance may help in lowering the cost of the procedure. 

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Cost of Septoplasty Surgery

The exact cost of your septoplasty surgery is dependent on a number of factors including your geographic location, the experience and expertise of the surgeon you are consulting, and the facilities in which the operation takes place. Because the surgery is designed to improve breathing and overall health, sometimes your insurance can help cover the cost of a septoplasty. For a more accurate price range, I would recommend to start researching by consulting a few doctors in your region.

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Septoplasty Cost

Thank you for your question. Septoplasty is a surgical procedure which generally entails modification of the cartilage of the nasal septum. It is undertaken to improve symptomatic nasal airway obstruction when deviation or crookedness of the septum is judged to contribute to those symptoms. Since this procedure is usually undertaken for functional breathing reasons, it is usually covered by medical insurance. There is no one price that can be accurately referenced. Rates of reimbursement vary widely between insurance companies and policies and are ever-changing. For the most accurate and updated information, ask you surgeon's office about fees and financial policies. Good luck to you.

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Cost of a septoplasty

 The cost of the septoplasty is variable but depends upon 3 factors: Anesthesia doctor's fee, surgeons fee and operating room fee.  Once medical necessity has been documented, the septoplasty procedure is billed to the patient's medical insurance. Co-pays deductibles will still be applicable based on the patient's insurance plan.

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Septoplasty Cost

The cost of a septoplasty varies depending on several factors:

1. Insurance- many times septoplasty is covered by insurance.  your responsibility would be based on your specific insurance plan

2. Out of pocket- some patients prefer to pay for a procedure without insurance.  Typically septoplasty fees range from $1000-5000 for a surgeon's fee only depending on the complexity and scope of the procedure.

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Insurance usually covers septoplasty

Septoplasty is designed to straighten a crooked septum.  The septum is the wall in the nose which divides the right from left side.  The problem can be either traumatic in nature or congenital (present since birth).  If done in isolation, it usually does not change the external appearance of the nose.  Typically this is covered by insurance, so you would only be responsible for your copay.  This operation can be combined with other procedures to improve the breathing depending on your nasal anatomy.  See a good rhinoplasty/facial plastic surgeon to understand your options.

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Septoplasty and Cost

Most septoplasty procedures if completed for nasal obstruction and have supporting documentation of difficulty breathing are covered by insurance.  A septoplasty is not cosmetic and should not be associated with a cosmetic fee.  If the goal is to create external artistic changes to the nose then a cosmetic fee would apply.  Go through your insurance if breathing is the only issue but make sure you find a Board certified specialist that performs both facial plastic surgery and is Board certified in ENT.  This will give you the best possible result and guarantee that the appropriate diagnosis is made and areas of your nose at secondary risk for nasal obstruction are not missed or neglected.

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