Is there anything I can do to alleviate this swelling or do I just have to let it take its course? Is the swelling permanent?

I am 6 weeks post-op from an extended thigh lift. I have dealt with cellulitis and now a wound dehiscence that could probably fit two golf balls inside it. I'm swelled so bad that I can't bend my legs at the knees. I can't tie my shoes or even get my foot in my pant legs because I can't bend my knees to reach. I can't even sit without having my legs straight out.

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Swelling after thigh lift

Thigh lifts always cause a good deal of swelling for several reasons: some lymphatics are divided, liposuction is commonly done in conjunction, and the operative site is on a dependent part of the body. In your case you're also having an incision problem (which is very common to at least some degree with thigh lifts because of the location and wound tension). That also prolongs swelling.

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Thigh lift

Some swelling is expected after thigh lift. Massive swelling and cellulitis needs immediate evaluation and treatment.

You need to see your surgeon and have a thorough evaluation, make sure there are no blood clots, and treat the infection and need intensive wound care and instructions on positioning and activity.

See your surgeon ASAP, they are the only person who can properly evaluate and treat.

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