Gaping vagina after botched thigh lift. Can this be fixed?

I had a horrible thigh lift which resulted in my vagina being pulled open. I reached out to many doctors but none seem to want to help. "Its a complex thing to correct" Finally I found a local ps who put a skin graft, but unfortunately it did not take. He wants to put another graft, leaving the wound open for 10 days so that it can vascularize and get good blood supply in hopes that this time it will take. I have been in much pain, discomfort, infections, dryness etc. Can this be corrected??????

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Thigh lift complications

First, let me say how sorry I am that you are having these problems.  It is important for you to understand that the issue is one of a lack of soft tissue causing the distortion that you have.  Therefore, any plan to fix the problem will require getting soft tissue back into the area.  One example of this is the skin graft that was tried.  Without seeing you, and knowing your medical history, there is no way to provide a real answer for you.  However, as you seek other opinions, you should get copies of your operative records so any surgeon who examines you has a road map of your prior procedures. This will help your surgeon determine what options exist.  You may have more than one option for reconstruction and your final decision may require several procedures to reach your goal.  Hopefully, you will be able to get this resolved.  

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Too much tension after a thigh lift

This can be a very difficult problem. Usually we have to resort to a skin graft. Is very difficult for skin grafts to take in this area. It seems like your best bet might be another try at a skin graft.

Ira H. Rex lll, MD
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Thigh lift

Gaping vagina after medial thigh lift can be corrected. It would depend on the availability of local tissue.

The repair can be done by redo of the medial thigh lift and anchoring the fascia to the periostium of the pubic bone.

if not possible then a skin graft is another option and the final option is a local flap such as the Gracilis flap.

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Thigh lift complications

A very useful flap to bring tissue into this area is the Lotus petal flap. It is a perforator based propellor flap taken from the buttock crease area.  Depending on the position of your scars this may be a possibility to help you. Plastic surgeons who perform perineal reconstruction are familiar with it.  It would be helpful for you to discuss with your plastic surgeon.  I hope you are able to get this corrected.

Alastair J. Platt, FRCS (plast)
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