Will a dorsal hump caused by an injury go away? (photos)

Hello everybody im a 21 year old male , and i noticed about 1 week ago that one side of my nose has dorsal hump that extends to the front of the nose. I was in a minor car accident about 1 month and 2 weeks ago and i injured the top bony part of my nose. Swelling went down after 1 week and i thought everything was fine. My nose looks kind of crooked and i can see the bump when i take a side picture. Can it resolve on its own? Is it to ealry to tell and should i give it some time?

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Will a dorsal hump caused by an injury go away? (photos)

If the dorsal hump is just due to soft tissue swelling it will resolve on its own. However, if your nasal bones have been fractured and moved, the hump and crooked appearance will remain. I would wait another 6 weeks. If the situation has not resolved, seek an experienced nasal surgeon. This can be easily corrected.

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Dorsal hump

Thank you for the question.

You might have a had a small hematoma, or blood collection, due to the trauma; or alternatively, have had a nasal fracture. Although most of these self-resorb with time, a dorsal hump may remain due to new bone formation after a fracture or due to bone displacement. I would recommend just observation for the next 3-4 months, if it remains, you can see a plastic surgeon for surgical options to remove the hump. Good Luck!

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