Will there be more definition in my nose at the 1 year mark? (photos)

My dorsal hump was taken down and my tip Had small amount of work done. My turbinates were also worked on. I like my side profile view but from the front I dont like my nose so far and I am at the 4 month mark. notice that on the sides of the bridge of my nose theres hump like swellin making my nose look crooked and asymmetrical. Will this all sudside with time? My surgeon has had me taping bcuz I had supra tip fibrosis. Is there still hope that my nose will look less bulbous with time?

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Will there be more definition in my nose at the 1 year mark? (photos)

Yes! You will continue to get more definition up to the one year mark. The nasal tip retains swelling for quite a long time. As you pointed out, beautiful profile. And good that you did taping if your surgeon felt there was fibrosis. Sometimes there is a role for steroid injected into the nasal tip but not if he thinks this will think out the supratip area too much -- this must be decided between you and your surgeon. Be patient, your result will continue to evolve :) Hope that helps!

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