Why do people say my eyes are so big, scary and look tired? (photos)

People say my eyes are scary,and I look tired. And even weird. Please help me fix this professional doctors help only.

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Your eyes demonstrate mild upper eyelid ptosis that is worse on the right side.

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There is no substitute for a personal consultation to carefully listen and learn from you what bothers you.  The personal consultation give the surgeon the opportunity to carefully assess the eyelids and then discuss with you your best options to achieve your goals.  Take your time and do not rush into anything.  

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Thank you for your question. Due to the location and function of the eyes, many people focus on one's eyes and increased laxity of the skin can come across to others as looking tired, sad or melancholy. Blepharoplasty - the eyelid tuck - can reduce excess skin and fatty tissue and provide your eyes a more rested appearance. I suggest that you consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon.Best wishes,

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Why do people say my eyes are so big, scary and look tired?

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Everyone's eyes are different based on genetics, etc. You do have lower eyelid retraction along with shallow eye sockets which make your eyes appear large. The tired look stems from upper eyelid ptosis. See an oculoplastic specialist.

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