Getting Hit on the Ear After Otoplasty?

It has been 7 weeks since the otoplasty procedure so I resumed my contact sports. Well I got hit with the ball and got elbowed pretty hard on my ear. I stopped playin since the elbow hit, since I could still feel the sensation. My quetion is, should I worry? Will my ear's stiches weaken or just break apart? This is my concern, hope to hear some responses

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Otoplasty and trauma 7 weeks later

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Usually by 7 weeks the ears are well healed. If concerned then you should see your surgeon.

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Ear Trauma

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If you noticed a significant change or soreness contact your surgeon.This is specifically the type of question that is best addressed by the surgeon who initially performed your surgery.

Recovery after otoplasty, Contact sports

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If your ear is looking the same as it did before it was hit, it is likely fine.  The sutures used on the ear cartilage are typically permanent and if they are still in the right place, your ear would look unchanged.  That being said, anytime you have any concern postoperatively, you should discuss it with your surgeon and go for a check-up if needed.  For instance, sometimes significant shearing ear trauma can cause new swelling under the skin, indicating possible fluid/blood collection (seroma/hematoma) which could put the ear at risk for cartilage loss and permanent deformity, if not addressed by the surgeon in time.  Good luck, and best wishes for an excellent outcome. 

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If your ear looks fine after your trauma, your Otoplasty sutures are likely still intact.

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I would be concerned if you experienced an outward movement of your ear, away from your head, after the trauma. If all looks fine, you'll likely be fine. For a definitive answer, please consult your surgeon.

Hope this helps you.

Dr. Joseph

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Que sera sera: trauma after otoplasty

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If the ear otherwise is without increased swelling, redness, or shape change, I wouldn't worry too much about it. You can't reverse the past incident. The question is, what are you going to do in the future? Although subtle relaxation of the otoplasty may still occur over the next few months, as time passes the ear cartilage "solidifies" into its new shape and no longer relies on the sutures. While an otoplasty is an investment, and certainly you want to protect your investment, at some point you need to live your life. Enjoy life with your otoplasty!

C.W. David Chang, MD
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Otoplasty vs elbow

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Time will tell but at 7 weeks post op, you will most likely be OK. I think 6 weeks is early. 8 weeks is probably safe. The sutures hold the shape basically until "good" scar tissue holds the shape for the rest of your life. Best to you. You can learn more about otoplasty and all that I have written on it by visiting my website. Best. Steven Mobley, MD Salt Lake City, Utah

Steven R. Mobley, MD
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