Getting Hit in the Nose 5 Weeks After Rhinoplasty?

Today, exactly 5 weeks and 1 day post rhinoplasty, I got hit in the nose twice while playing Waterpolo. One of the hits was hard enough for me to get watery eyes. After the match a little bump has grown where my original bump was located. I called my doctor and he told me to place ice and to visit him the next day. I'd like to know if I could have really damaged my nose as I'm very nervous!

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Sustaining blunt trauma after rhinoplasty

5 weeks after rhinoplasty your nasal bones will have completely healed.  However, it does sound as though you sustained a pretty significant trauma, so it is possible some injury could have occurred.  Hopefully, though, the little bump is just swelling.   

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Ice Nose Until Doctor Visit

I am sorry to hear what happened.  Usually, bones start to solidify about two weeks after manipulation but it also depends on what was performed during your initial procedure.  If a lot of work was performed on the bone, it may still mobile enough for it to move after a significant trauma or force.  I agree with your physician that ice is helpful in the immediate period, but a visit with him/her is the best as your surgeon already has a baseline of what your nose looked like pre-surgery, during surgery and post surgery.

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Trauma after rhinoplasty

While the bones are relatively solid at this time, it is possible you might have displaced or dislodges something. Also, it is possible you could have sustained a bone trauma with the result being a recurrent hump. Ice and taping are reasonable options since it is unlikely anything can be acutely done until about a year from your rhinoplasty. Good luck.

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Trauma to the Nose 5 Weeks After Rhinoplasty

Rick, sorry to hear about your situation. I have kids that play water polo so I understand the type of injury you might have sustained. If you were my patient, I would be fairly concerned that something might have been damaged, especially if you noted a small bump following the injury. Your surgeon should be able to determine this fairly quickly. Good luck. 

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Hit on nose 5 weeks of nose job


I am sorry but you should be more careful with sports for a longer duration after nose job although bones have united strongly by now.

Little bump appearing over the old bump site could be collection of Blood ( Haematoma) and just a busing or could be more serious.Your doctor can investigate and find out how severe is the trouble.I can only wish you good luck and be careful next time.

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