Can I help crepey skin on my breasts?

I'm 39 years old and I had my 16 year old 530 cc saline breast implants removed a couple months ago. Just removed. No lift...nothing! Is there anything that can help shrink up the crepey skin? It's mostly just crepey when I lift my arms up Thank you!

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Breast lift to reduce skin envelope after implant removal

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With removal of implants, the skin envelope of the breast is too large for the breast volume. A lift is the best way to correct it.

Crepey breast skin

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Thank you for your question. It is possible that a ThermiTight treatment could give you the improvement you are looking for. Perhaps even ThermiSmooth or Sciton SkinTyte.  It really depends on the the degree of looseness and crepiness as well as your expectations.  Nothing non surgical will tighten the skin as much as a breast lift but if you are otherwise OK with the appearance of your breasts then it may not be worth having the scars from a lift. 

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