Am I bilateral bottoming out? Asymmetry? Both? Lateral displacement? (Photos)

Iam almost 5 months post op, i have 600cc under the muscle on both breast, i belive something is wrong with my breast they dont look just right, my right seems too low with no upper pole, it sticks too much to the out side, and my left still seems high and smaller than the right, do they look normal? Or should i consider a revision?

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Asymmetrical implants / implant off to the side and lower

I would need a little more information to help you with your issue.  First, your pre op frontal view [straight on] photo would be helpful.  That would show me whether you had a significant asymmetry pre op.  Sometimes people notice their natural asymmetry post op if they are not alerted to it prior to surgery.  If your right breast was lower and off to the side more so than the left pre op, then this would be an expected result.  My hunch is that your right implant has lateralized or migrated to the side.  This can best be seen from a supine [lying down] photo.  You'll need to have someone take this photo for you.  You should lie down with your arms at your side, and have the person [hopefully someone you know!] take the photo from your feet almost level with your chest.  You'll see the right implant going off to the side if you have lateralization.  This usually occurs with the use of smooth implants.  If you have smooth implants and lateralization, you would need a revision with placement of a textured implant and the popcorn technique.  You can see a video of the popcorn technique on my website.  I currently use textured implants for first time breast augmentation patients to prevent this problem.

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Revisional breast surgery

Breast revision will solve your problem. You will need a lift and some support for the implant since is a large size and your skin tends to stretch. Since your implants are quite recent you can use the same implants. This way you will recover a more permanent upper pole fulness.  

Asymmetric Breasts

Hello,One of your breasts sits lower and more to the side than the other.  Both are low and to the side, partly because of your implant size, and partly because you probably had breast ptosis prior to surgery. Best of luck!

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You should only consider revision if it bothers you.  Your right implant does look a little low, lateral, and the right breast may be slightly larger than the left.  Asymmetry is normal in breasts.  If you did proceed with revision, waiting a little longer may be smart.

Tyler C. Street, MD
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