Chemical Peel Burn Scars on Cheeks: What are my Options? (Photos)

I have two burn scars as a result of bad chemical peels that are very noticable. I have tried most of all topical solutions from neosporin, bio oil, honey, tepezcohuite, vitamin e, and various other moisturizers. I have had these scars for about a year as they have shown no signs of improvement. My skin is also very oil and sensitive which does not help. I would like to know what type of scar I have and the different treatments I should seek. Any help is greatly appreciated

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Scar serum and laser therapy for scars on the face

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Laser therapy may be an excellent option for the scars on the face caused by chemical burns. Our office specializes in scars and we would also recommend topical therapy with Plato's Scar Serum. 

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Treatment for Hyperpigmented Red Scars

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Hi Brian.  You have (red) hyperpigmentation.  We would use a laser called the V-Beam or V-star.  These are pulsed dye lasers that are designed for treating vascular conditions.  The small blood vessels that cause the scarring are closed during the procedure, returning the scar to the natural skin tone.

To see other examples of similar scar procedures, check the link below for before and after pictures.  

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
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