Headbutt Caused Bump on Nose. Can Only Be Seem From One Side Of My Face. What Can I Do?

1 year ago i was headbutted with alot of force on my nose. Now i have a bump which perplexingly can only be seen from one side of my face. I love everything about my nose except for this bump. What would the price range be for removing it?

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It sounds like you sustained a nasal fracture at the time of your injury resulting i the bump on your nose.9  It can be corrected with a rhinoplasty most likely.  It will probably involve removing the hump with either a file or a chisel , as well as refracturing the nose  Specifically what needs to be done could be determined in a consult with an experienced plastic surgeon, preferably one with extensive experience in rhinoplasty. 

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Bump on Nose Secondary to Trauma

You and your surgeon will decide before surgery exactly what will be changed if you decide to eliminate the bump. You do not need a full rhinoplasty. A limited procedure can be done under local  anesthesia if the patient desires. See an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon for the best natural results.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Removing traumatic nasal bump

If the bump persists over three months it is usually a nasal tip fracture . The nasal tip in this case is the very caudad(lower) part of the bones .I have with only local anaesthesia put pressure on this are and reduced the displaced anatomy with no surgery. If this is unsuccesful a simple raspind of the area by closed rhinoplasty will work

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Bump on the nose and treatment.

Bump on the nose and treatment will vary depending on many factors and if it is done under local or general anesthesia, See an experienced surgeon for the best result.

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Headbutt Caused Bump on Nose. Can Only Be Seem From One Side Of My Face. What Can I Do?

 Sounds like the trauma caused a fracture of the nasal bone and cartilage or both causing the bump.  Photo of the nose would be required to determine what needs to be done to reduce the bump, with a Rhinoplasty, which in turns dictates the cost.  Closed Rhinoplasty in order to gain access to the bump that would be rasped down if bone and trimmed with a scalpel if cartilage. If the rest of the nose is what you like, nothing else needs to be changed. 

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Nasal Bump after Trauma

It is possible to have a bump on your nose that is only visible from one side of the face or from certain views.  It is difficult to give any type of pricing without having properly evaluate you first.  Please consult with a board certified specialist who can best assist you in achieving the goals you desire.  Depending on your specific situation, there may or may not be a component of insurance.

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