A Little Hard Irregularity on One Side of the Tip

Hello, i'm 5 weeks post rhinoplasty. Since about week 1-2 I noticed a little irregularity on one side of the nose tip. The skin there feels pretty hard, especially when in a chilly environment and it somewhat softens if the nose swells a bit when it is warm. I am afraid it is bossa, but are there any other known causes possible?

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Hard Irregularity of Tip after Rhinoplasty

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You are probably feeling and seeing an irregularity of the tip cartilages. A minor revision may be necessary after the swelling resolves. Wait another 6-9 months and then discuss possible alternatives with your surgeon.

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Bump on nasal tip after rhinoplasty.

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It may be cartilage of a tip graft or the lower tip cartilage, but it is too soon to say. Wait 6 months and return to your surgeon for an evaluation.

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Hard Irregularity on Tip of the Nose

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The hard irregularity that you feel is your nasal tip cartilage. It may be the lower lateral cartilage or a tip graft if that was used. I would wait a full year after rhinoplasty and if it is still a problem, then ask your surgeon to address it.



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