Do You Know Anything About Dr Kaplan or Dr Klein in Israel for Rhinoplatery Treatment?

Hi there, I have had recommendations from family members for these doctors concerning rhinoplastery in Israel so i have booked consultations to seem them both. When going to my consultations how is it best to note which doctor is preferred? My knowledge on the surgery is limited so how is it best to find the preferred doctor for example what should be noted? Thankyou for your help, Kind regards.

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Doctors in Israel

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While I am not familier with these two surgeons, I can say that you should makes sure they are members of the Israeli Board of Plastic Surgery and are board certified.  I can not stress enough the important of this.  The same is true for surgeons in the United States.

Recommended Cosmetic Surgeons Specializing in Rhinoplasty.

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Look at the before and after photos and particularly those that are similar to your nose. If you liked the result, then more likely you will have a successfull result.

Mohsen Tavoussi, MD, DO
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon

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