Age 18 with hooded eyes. (photos)

I am 18 and as you can see on the pictures my eyes literally have no eye crease to put any make up on. I lost my confidence because my eyes dont look nice and the eye lid on top makes them look worse. People have been calling me all sorts of bad names because of it and I am fed up, I want to know how to fix them, I thinking eye brow lift with botox but probably that wont be enough. I need suggestions

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Youthful Appearance

Hi enrikutee,

Thanks for your question and photos. That is terrible that people have been harassing you because of your eyelid appearance. As an oculofacial plastic surgeon, when I look at your photos, I see a beautiful appearance with a youthful, full upper lid crease. An in-person evaluation would be best but based on the photos, I don't think I'd recommend any surgery for you. Maybe an extremely conservative upper lid blepharoplasty. But please don't seek out any extreme cosmetic surgery. You will not be happy with the results. 

Hooded lids

Thank you for sharing your concerns. You would probably be happy having conservative blepharoplasty performed by an experienced eyelid specialist.  Make an appointment for comprehensive evaluation and discussion of treatment options.

Good luck, 

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