How Do I Tell The Difference Between Scar Tissue Or Left Over Fat After Gynecomastia Correction?

I had gynecomastia corrction (lipo + excision) 7 weeks ago and am still very puffy. Is this scar tissue or left over glandular/fat the PS dodn't remove, as I'm far from flat by the pics.

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It is still too early to tell if revision will be necessary.

It is still too early to tell if a revision will be necessary.  Your photos are not labelled as to pre and post op.  Assuming the photo on the left is preoperative, it appears as though you started with excess skin.  It often takes several months following glandular resection for the skin envelope to contract.  Unfortunately, not all patients will achieve a smooth pleasing contour and may require a secondary revision for the excess skin.  Give it more time.

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Healing From Gynecomastia Surgery

Hi socovostok,

Thanks for the post and the photos. At 7 weeks you are still in the healing phase and can expect to see some more changes. I would recommend that you keep in communication with your plastic surgeon. Any consideration of revision surgery should be deferred until you are at least 6 months out from surgery.


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How Do I Tell The Difference Between Scar Tissue Or Left Over Fat After Gynecomastia Correction?

It is still too early to assess the final outcome of your surgery.  Communicate your concerns with your surgeon.  Good luck and be safe.

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Gynecomastia Revision Surgery?

It is normal for some swelling to last several weeks. I have my patients wear a comprseeion vest for 6 weeks to help the skin adhere back to the chest wall and to keep the swelling to a minimum. Some patients require a second procedure to remove excess skin. Give it more time and see what your plastic surgeon recommends.

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Recovery after Gynecomastia Surgery

At this point in time of your recovery, it is normal for you to still have some swelling and puffiness. Swelling should subside within a couple months depending on the healing process and your activity level. I ask my patients to wear a compression garment/vest for 4 weeks to help minimize swelling. Consult your surgeon to rule out any seroma (accumulation of fluid in the underlying tissues). Be patient and keep in close communication with your surgeon so that he/she can help you with your recovery.  Things will continue to change in the next few months.

Revision surgery after gynecomastia correction

I would wait another 4 weeks to determine whether or not you're experienceing swelling or residual breast tissue.  Then, you can get the undertreated area revised if it is, in fact, breast tissue.

Early results of gynecomastia surgery

I see that you are worried about the results. It is best to visit your Gynecomastia surgeon regularly as there may be some changes in the next few month. You may need a revision in the future. 

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