Was my doc too aggressive? 2mm protrusion for TED, 1mm sclera showing in R-eye, now I look far worse and need correction

Surgery#1 - OD, & ventricle implant for 1mm sclera, 2mm proptosis. Seemed extreme to me. 1 wk postop lower eyelid pulling from scar tissue forming. Given steroid shots, then dr. suggested to remove the scar tissue via surgery - which only made things worse, more pulling and more sclera showing. Surgery#2 the implant was not removed and I grew scar tissue back faster. Is this normal procedure for scar tissue, MORE surgery?

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Agree that this is complicated.

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Your presentation is not really clear either.  I week post operative is not very long.  However, lower eyelids should appear over corrected at one week.  When they are not, it is improbable that more healing will make things better.  Generally it will be essential to heal for many months to know precisely were you stand.  At that point, I would encourage to seek several expert opinions before proceeding with more surgery.

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Cicatricial lower eyelid retraction

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Nobody can tell you for sure what your surgeon did or didn't do. You do appear to have right lower eyelid cicatricial retraction and perhaps still bulging eye. It is a complicated problem that needs to be evaluated in person with an experienced oculoplastic surgeon. See following link for some information.

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