I am TOTALLY confused as to whether I should go with LAVA Plus or E-MAX veneers? Please opinions! (photos)

I am FINALLY removing my 25 year old bonds and replacing with veneers after having a wonderful Crown Lengthening procedure. I want the TOP of the line and my dentist is wonderful. He's on the fence too but the lab suggests LAVA Plus. I really want them to be translucent after all these years of bond composite.

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Lava Or EMax Veneers?

This one is easy.  EMAX!!!!  I have placed thousands of these restorations and can tell you that there is not another material that has a combination of the strength and aesthetics that Emax provides.  LAVA is a fine material and very strong, but does not compare in aesthetics to Emax.  You should have a stunning result. Good luck.  

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Anterior Veneers, LAVA Plus or E-Max.

Congratulations on a wonderful decision to replace your resin bonding with veneers. The lab suggests Lava Plus because of the strength of the material, however for a combination of strength and beauty, E-max is hard to beat. Lava Plus is a translucent Zirconia and would be my choice if strength was a prime consideration, but from what I see in the photos, E-Max would be my my material of choice! It is very translucent and strong as well!

Prince Arrington III, DDS
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Lava or emax #Veneers? #DrSoftTouch

Replacing composite bonding with veneers is an excellent decision. I have placed thousands of restorations and can tell you that I use Empress and Emax for my patients. Lava Plus, a translucent zirconia, is being recommend by the lab due to its strength, but Emax is very strong as well and provides the best esthetic results. I hope this helps.  Follow me on RealSelf for more answers.

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