Does the portwine stain colour change the level of clearance/success?

I have a rather large, patchy, flat pink PWS on my right leg. Problem is that the stain changes colour depending on the temperature and whether I am lying down or not. When I lie down it turns really pale that the doctor can't even see where the stain is. When I stand up the redness comes back. Especially with the added cooling mechanism of V-beam my doctor is using, the stain becomes so pale that I end up getting only a few shots even though half of my leg is covered by the stain.What can I do?

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Port Wine Stain Treatment

Hmmm a few suggestions….have your PWS treated while you are standing and exercise or add a heating pad to increase blood flow. We have our patients run up and down the stairs sometimes to get increased blood flow. I don’t think the cooling is changing the appearance of the PWS, rather the treatment is flushing the area and it gets harder to see – mark out the area ahead of time with a white pencil. Then do all the tricks you need to do to increase blood flow.

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PortWine Staine and Treatment

You need to see a laser fellowship trained physician.  There is no reason you cant get a full leg treatment or with multiple lasers in tandum to get a better result.  Seek the advice of an expert.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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