I got lipofilling in my lips, to make them a LITTLE bigger. Is there anyway to UNDO this? Taking out the fat? (Photo)

5 days after i am very disappointed with the results, they look HUGE, they are itchy, and the worst, they look totally asymmetrical, and i dont know if its because of the swelling or if they will look uneven forever, is it normal for one side to get more swollen?, one side looks swollen but not crazy, and feels ok, the other one, is hard, bigger and i can feel the piece of fat. Also, i have some fat or above my lip wich looks totally out of place. THANKS!

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Results after lip injection

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Early after lip injection the results you see are primarily normal post-procedure inflammation. All the things you are feeling are completely normal 5 days after your procedure, so don't worry.

I expect all of these things will resolve--even the asymmetry. If it persists, correction shouldn't be difficult, and I'm sure your surgeon will address it.

Wait at least two weeks to start evaluating your results, and keep your surgeon involved in the process.

Normal take of fat is 60% and it takes 6 weeks to know how you are going to look.  So wait and give it some time, 

Lip Fat injections

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Only 5 days since your procedure, your lips are swollen.  You should discuss this with your plastic surgeon.  Most of the fat will be absorbed naturally and when the swelling improves, you can see what results you may get.  Avoid doing any revisions until everything heals.

Fat transfer to the lips after five days

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Fat transfer to the lips can cause severe lip swelling. This almost extreme swelling can last up to a month. Avoid high salt diets. Continue taking your antiviral and antibiotic. The results will continue to shift for a month or two. Only judge the lips starting after two months. Even after two months the lips will continue to settle further.

Omeed Memar, MD, PhD
Chicago Dermatologic Surgeon
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5 days post fat to lips

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You are very early after the procedure.  At 5 days you should be overcorrected and swollen.  You may also be asymmetric.  I am sure this was explained to you before the procedure.  The fat will resorb over the next two months and the lip will look more normal.  At that time you can better evaluate the size and symmetry.    

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
Coral Gables Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Fat transfer

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You are only 5 days out and it could be still swollen. Go back to your doctor and let them examine you. Fat in lips is often not permanent and may actually last less time than fat placed elsewhere. In the worst case scenario, yes fat can be removed. But give it another week or so for swelling to subside. 

Kate Ross, MD
Bradenton Dermatologic Surgeon

Lipo filling correction

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It's too early for you to make any decisions for a correction.  Please wait until the swelling goes down and some of the fat absorption stabilizes.  

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