Fraxel Repair Vs. Total FX (Active FX with Deep FX) - Which is Better?

Now that Fraxel has put out the new Fraxel repair laser, I am wondering if I should get that instead of the Active FX plus Deep FX treatment I planned to get next month.  A lot of people are saying the Fraxel repair laser is really it better than the Active FX and Deep FX combination?  Which is more expensive?

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Fraxel Repair vs other Micro Fractional Carbon Dioxide Lasers

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There is alot of confusion, for both patients and physicians about the Micro Fractional Carbon Dioxide Lasers. First and most important is that the Carbon Dioxide laser is the Gold standard for tightening, smoothing, decreasing pigment and lifting sun damage skin. Its wavelength is 10,600 nanometers. All Lasers with a lower wavelength less than this will not work as well as this wavelength. Therefore patients, really need to look for this wavelength, rather than a specific name of a laser. Next, you need to look and see that the laser has a scanner that produces small holes that treat a "fraction" of the skin. The names used are "Microfractional"," Fraxel", "Dot", "Pixel". I have performed more than 4600 procedures with the C02 laser and have used every brand and in my hands they all perform exactly the same. The real difference is the skill of the Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon. I would ask if the Surgeon has performed at least 500 procedures. In my opinion, This laser should not be performed by Nurses or Non cosmeticaly trained physicians.

Fraxel repair is similar to Deep FX with no Active FX

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From the way the laser is structured, the Fraxel repair device is very similar to the Deep FX laser in that the micro beams the laser produces are about 130 microns in size. That is the limit for the fraxel repair. In additon to the microbeams, the Active FX produces larger diameter beams which are better for surface treatment. Because of the greater versatility of the Lumenis UltraPulse the laser could be considered to be a better choice.

Fractional CO2 -- many brands, similar results

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Thank you for the question. As with any new technology, there is always a good deal of hype. The reality is that the differences between fractional CO2 laser brands are not that big. Most of these lasers can be adjusted in terms of percentage coverage, spot size, intensity, etc. Variability exists in the number of passes used to treat specific areas.

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Fraxel re:pair is what we use in Columbus, Ohio

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My obvious bias is the Fraxel re:pair that I have in my office.  When we made the decision to add a fractional CO2 laser to our services, we looked at multiple different platforms.  In my opinion, when a laser company produces a laser - and remember that lasers are designed to work at specific wavelengths to achieve their goals - that they claim can do everything from facial resurfacing to hair removal to tattoos, that they have a laser that does a lot of things "OK."  The Fraxel does resurfacing and that is it.  For my money, it is the best option for resurfacing.

All Fractional CO2 Lasers are comparable

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The key to best cosmetic and medical outcome from Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing is not the specific brand of laser, but rather the expertise and experience of the board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon and his or her team of care providers. Make sure your aesthetic team has the experience in treating your specific skin type, preferably more than 50 cases. Specific pre-op and post-op skin care routines must be customized for individual priorities and needs, e.g. acne scar, history of cold sores.

Active fx vs fraxel

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CO2 lasers are CO2 lasers. Fraxel is 4 different types of lasers with their most aggressive being the restore. I use palomars artisan, as I believe now that erbium lasers in fractional mode with deep non ablative treatments at the same time are showing the same results as when I used CO2 but with less pain , and less down time, and less risk of complications.

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