Down Time After Getting Electronic Meso Needling (Derma Pen)?

I got meso needling 4 days ago (1.5mm needle), and was wondering how long the down time would be. I was told by the nurse to keep the area moisturised ( with a product called IPlase) so that the dead skin would not peel off too early, but by day 3 the skin was flaking off but revealed pink sensitive skin. It's starting to scale over again and turn brown. Very worried that I might pigment. Areas of concern are my cheeks to my nose, under my eyes there is slight bruising and bruising on bridge)

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Dermapen Downtime

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Thank you for your question! Dermapen’s downtime is ranges from a day to about three days. In day 1, you might experience superficial skin reddening or erythema. This is caused by the tiny punctures made in your skin. The severity of it will depend on how aggressive your treatment session was. In day 2, the redness or pinkness of the skin will still be observable. It will be similar to that of getting a sunburn. You may also start seeing slight swelling after 48 hours. In day 3, your skin’s pinkness may still be observed, but it can also go back to its normal color. The length of time for the pinkness of the skin depends on the depth of treatment This is also the time when the swelling from day 2 will subside.


After your session, your doctor should have advised you skin care regimen that includes a topical product that you will use within 72 hours after the session. This regimen will help in managing any possible after effects of microneedling. It should help in soothing and protecting the skin. You may only go back to your usual skin care regiment after 72 hours.

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Down time with Dermapen?

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I own two Demapen type devices and don't use them. What I do use is the ProCell system, as it doesn't hurt and has minimal, if any down time. The smaller diameter devices such as Dermapen and Eclipse are frequently used with a dragging, rather than tapping motion. 
This can cause a "cat-scratch" type effect. The tips of these devices are very small, so in order to cover a significant surface area within a reasonable amount of time, a tapping motion is not as effective.  The ProCell has a larger tip surface area, so your treatment time is far less than with conventional devices. The disposable tips snap on and off, so there is no concern about device cleaning or biologic residual left from the previous treatment. Tip sizes can be changed for small regions (eyelids) vs. large regions (knees).
  Maximum down time with Procell after an average treatment--three passes on the face after topical, then application of a topical hyaluronic or DefenAge dermaceutical--for me is 24-48 hours. Even then there are no red patches. Due to the tapping motion, there is almost no pain if topical is left on for 45 minutes prior to treatment. 

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