Fractured Nose: Callous Formation or Bone?

I fractured my nose 5 days ago. The healing process has been surprisingly quick; swelling has subsided and pain is minimal. However, there is a bump on the right side of my nose. In the right light, the bump creates the illusion that my nose is slightly crooked. So my quesion is: Is this bump most likely a callous formation, or the actual piece of bone that was displaced on impact? In most cases, are these types of bumps permanent, or is it typical of them to gradually retreat? Thank you!

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Nasal fracture

After a nasal fracture you have to let the swelling settle and assess the alignment of the nose properly. No rush jumping in too early. Wait 1 week and then seek the advise of a plastic surgeon. You can perform a closed reduction up to 2 weeks post trauma.

The "bump" you see is likely either soft tissue swelling or the displaced bone. Too early for callous formation.


Good luck.


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Nasal fracture care

Thank you for asking about your possible nasal fracture. I'm sorry it happened.

  1. It is not possible to tell you what has happened and will happen to your nose without examining it inside and out - x-rays may be needed.
  2. The lump might be temporary swelling to seriously displaced bone or cartilage.
  3. Don't delay - see a doctor, either a Plastic Surgeon or ENT specialist. If the bone is out of line, the earlier it is corrected, the better.
  4. Hope this helps. Best wishes.

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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Nasal fracture repair

 It is best to have a consultation  and examination  in person to determine the extent of the fractures  and to get an x-ray for medical documentation. Repair of the  nasal fracture will need to be performed under general anesthesia and shaving down the bump also need to be performed at the same time. The bump that  just occurred is most likely a bony protuberance related to the fracture and not a callous formation. Callus formation  takes years  to develop, not 5 days.  Please see the link below  to our rhinoplasty photo gallery for examples of  nasal fractures and hump removal.

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Bony bump?

It depends on whether your fracture is displaced or if it broke and then the pieces remained in the same pre-injury location.  If they are displaced, it could be that you are actually seeing the bone fragment sticking up.  Without x-rays and an exam, it is impossible to tell you for sure.

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